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     Perfect   for newcomers as well as advanced anal players, the Gläs 7.25” Glass Beaded   Butt Plug offers four connected beads that are attached to a flared base. The   beads — all of which are, like the base, made of premium glass — vary in   size. The largest of the four anal beads is the one near the base, while the   smallest of the four is at the opposite end of the butt plug away from the   base. The closer one gets to the base, the larger the bead — and this is by   design, as the smallest of the four beads is meant to be inserted first.   Novices may want to proceed slowly, savoring the smallest of the beads before   experiencing the larger ones. But whatever one’s level of experience with   anal play — be it introductory, advanced or somewhere in between — the Gläs   7.25” Glass Beaded Butt Plug is designed to bring users powerful orgasmic   pleasure.     

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