Sex Toy Storage

If you're like most people, your sex toy collection might be living a bit of a double life—stashed in your nightstand drawer, the back of your closet, or even under your mattress for easy access. But just because it's convenient doesn't mean it's the best way to keep your toys in tip-top shape.

Improper storage can be a real buzzkill, causing your vibrators to degrade faster and requiring more frequent cleanings (which, let's be real, nobody wants to do in the middle of a hot date night). We're talking dust bunnies on your butt plug and weird chemical tastes from that old storage bag. Yuck!

That's why we've put together this guide to the best sex toy storage for every type of adult toy, from silicone to glass and everything in between. We're talking storage bags that double as party hats, cases that look like high-tech jewelry boxes, and even a sanitizing bag that's TSA-approved for all your travel adventures.

So sit back, get ready to laugh, and learn how to keep your toys looking (and feeling) their best, no matter where your kinky adventures take you.

Silicone Sex Toy Storage

Silicone toys are the rockstars of the sex toy world—smooth, non-porous, and generally phthalate- and latex-free. They're easy to clean, feel fantastic, and can even look downright elegant. But like any rockstar, they need proper care to stay at the top of their game.

The biggest no-no when it comes to silicone storage is storing it too close to other silicone or rubber toys. Think of it like a bad hair day—silicone on silicone just doesn't work. It can cause texture changes, increased fragility, and even weird smells. Yikes!

So what's a silicone lover to do? The solution is simple—keep your silicone toys in their own little storage party bags. Think of them like fancy, lint-free clutch purses that keep your toys safe, dry, and ready for action.

Glass & Metal Sex Toy Storage

Glass and metal toys are the sophisticated gentlemen (and women) of the sex toy world. They're sleek, sturdy, and perfect for temperature play. But like any gentleman, they require a bit more finesse when it comes to storage.

The biggest concern with glass and metal toys is breakage. No one wants their favorite dildo shattering into a million pieces. The key is to handle them with care and store them securely.

The original packaging works great for both glass and metal toys, but if you're looking for something a bit more luxurious, consider a silk or satin storage bag. These will keep your toys scratch-free and looking their best.


By taking care of your toys, you'll ensure they perform their best for years to come. And who knows? With all this extra storage space, you might just find room to add a few new favorites to your collection.