New Year's Resolutions You Will Actually Want To Keep

Get ready to embrace the pleasure-filled possibilities of the new year! We're ditching the boring old resolutions and going all in on a steamy list of sexy goals. Join the fun and share your own naughty resolutions with us on social media.

  1. Orgasm Every Single Day

We're not just aiming for a few extra climaxes this year - we're talking a daily dose of pleasure! Whether solo or with a partner, let's make every day a orgasmic adventure.

  1. Roleplay Royalty

Forget vanilla - this year we're unleashing our inner fantasists. Think elaborate costumes, secret rendezvous, and steamy nights fueled by roleplay dreams. Who knows, we might even become the talk of the town!

  1. Toy Box Takeover

Who needs boring old gifts when you can give (or receive) the gift of pleasure? We're talking vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and more. Let's explore new sensations and rediscover old favorites.

  1. Lube Up & Get Adventurous

Lube isn't just for beginners, it's for everyone! This year, we're diving into the world of specialty lubes - flavored, warming, cooling, tingling...the possibilities are endless. Let's experiment and find our new favorites.

  1. Push Our Boundaries (With Consent, Of Course)

It's time to shake things up and try something completely new. Whether it's a new kink, a daring position, or even a whole new way of communicating about sex, let's embrace the unknown and bring more excitement into our beds.

  1. Butt Play Bonanza

Butt stuff is where it's at! This year, we're going all in on anal adventures. From anal toys to new techniques, let's explore this erogenous zone and discover new levels of pleasure.

  1. Sex Ed Superstars

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to sex. This year, we're becoming sex ed superstars. We'll learn more about our own bodies, explore different sexual practices, and spread the word about sexual health and liberation.

  1. Condom Connoisseurs

Condoms aren't just for protection, they're for pleasure! This year, we're trying all the different types - ribbed, textured, flavored, you name it. Let's find our perfect fit and enjoy the enhanced sensations.

  1. Talk Dirty & Proud

It's time to break down the walls of shame and whisper about sex with confidence. This year, we're having open, honest conversations about sex with our friends, family, and even strangers. The more we talk, the less taboo it becomes.

  1. Sex Toy Santa

We're not just gifting sex toys to ourselves this year - we're spreading the pleasure! If someone needs a little nudge to try something new, we're here to be their personal toy concierge. Let's bring more joy to the world, one vibrator at a time.

Let's get sexy, break some rules, and make this the best year yet! Share your naughty resolutions in the comments below and join us on this fun-filled journey to more pleasure and liberation.