Have An Epic Sex Life With ED

Did you know ED is super common? According to Healthline, it affects nearly 52% of penis owners aged 40-70! Even though it most commonly affects those 40 and older, it can happen to younger people too. While there's a lot of shame and embarrassment surrounding ED, it's totally normal, and there are so many ways to have an amazing sex life while living with it.

Get Creative with Your Sex Life!

Sex doesn't have to be just about penetration. In fact, one of the best ways to keep your intimate life exciting is to mix things up and try new things! Oral sex and hand jobs are super hot and can be just as satisfying as traditional sex. Start with a sensual massage using your favorite lotion or lube – try some flavored or tingling lube for an extra kick! Then, use your mouth and hands to pleasure your partner.

Ever tried prostate or perineum play? These activities can help get blood flowing to the penis and lessen ED symptoms. Plus, they're super fun for penis owners! There are tons of fun prostate toys on the market to make anal play even more enjoyable. And the best part? You can have a mind-blowing prostate orgasm without ever getting an erection!

Sex Toys: Your Secret Weapon

Sex toys are your best friend when you're dealing with ED. They can make penetration possible even without an erection. Some toys don't even require the wearer to have feeling – your partner will still have an amazing time! Plus, the mental stimulation of penetrating your lover can be super arousing, even if you're not technically "hard."

The Ultimate Solution: Strap-Ons and Extenders

Want to penetrate your partner without an erection? Hollow strap-ons and penis extenders are your secret weapons! These let you enjoy penetration without the need for an erection, and they come in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes. Some even vibrate for extra pleasure!

So don't let ED get you down – there are so many ways to have an epic, fun, and satisfying sex life. Get creative, try new things, and don't be afraid to explore. Your body (and your partner) will thank you!