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You may be familiar with the sexy tools found in the most popular adult videos. Get to know Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps – a naughty sexual accessory that is perfect for couples that know how arousing pain can be. These nipple clamps provide your partner with intense pleasure enhanced by the tolerable sensation of pain. Combine these two and you can expect an extreme orgasm. The intense sensation brought to you by Japanese Clover Nipple Clamps can be use for BDSM and even adult role playing games too. Be the master of the bedroom tugging your slave's nipples, tongue or even her clit if she disobeys you. Use it to make her feel aroused while you go down on her. Pair it with ankles and wrist cuffs for a total set of pleasure and restraint. Do whatever you want with it and see how far your imagination takes you. What matters is that you use it with caution and you’ll achieve pleasure beyond your dreams.

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