What’s in the Stars for Love & Sex in September?

What’s in the Stars for Sex and Relationships in September?

Whether you’re a believer in all things cosmic or just use the timeless, yet effective, “What’s your sign?” as your first line of defense on Tinder, it is sometimes eerily accurate to take a look at what star and planet arrangements have to say about sex and relationships. We’ll keep it super simple: September is going to be a month of of big romance energy. Here’s why:

September 1st: Mercury Trine Uranus

Get ready for new possibilities and open-ness when it comes to sex and love as September starts out with the planet of communication, Mercury traveling through Virgo, while aligning with Uranus traveling through equally sturdy sign, Taurus. This Earth Sign energy pushes us to think about the many possibilities that face us in the coming month, leaving us excited and open minded about changes in relationships coming to fruition. 

September 6th: Venus Trine Pluto 

Look out love seekers! September 6th is the day of epiphany for you! The planet of love and romance, Venus will be in Virgo (happy birthday Virgo queens and kings!) while Pluto will be in (yet another Earth sign) Capricorn as they trine. What does this mean for love? You’ll be finding all new ways to consider love, beauty, and money…the perfect time to meet the right partner! One who’s good for you in all kinds of ways. 

September 9th: Mars Trine Saturn

Time to slay, glow-getters! Mars is the HBIC and she’s in Virgo, while Saturn matches that burst of successful (and sexy) energy tenfold in Capricorn as it trines with Mars on the eve of the perfect day to admit you’ve already had two PSL’s since the beginning of the month. This energy brings about confidence in both work…and sexy time play. Use this special occasion to ask your partner for something you’ve been dying to try in the bedroom, you’ll have the confidence to back it up. 

September 13th: Pisces Full Moon

What’s the most perfect way to spark up fall vibes then a full moon on a September Friday the 13th? Crying and delusion. Yep, Pisces, the sign of the serial romantic will have you feeling emotional and potentially delusional about your romance situation on this spooky fall occasion. The key to harnessing the full-on emotional vibes of a Pisces full moon is to take a step back, and channel that energy into something productive. We highly suggest ditching the idea of a hookup or fling on this night to go to a wine and paint party with your friends. Your tear ducts will thank us later. 

September 23rd: Libra Season Begins

Happy birthday, Libra kings and queens! Libra season is marked with an innate desire to make relationships stronger, closer, and more intimate. Libra’s are known for their peacemaking nature, so Libra season should come with less conflicts between you and your partner or hookups. Just be sure to continue to speak your mind, we all know our Libra crew can get a little passive aggressive when they want to keep the peace. It’s not worth it, we all have to break a few eggs to get what we want in the bedroom. That’s the saying, right?

September 28th: New Moon in Libra

A New Moon in Libra means thinking about new beginnings. If you’re looking to make or break a relationship, now’s the perfect time to bring up your feelings. If you’ve been dragging your feet on telling your partner that your feelings have deepened, take the jump now. Odds are they’ve been waiting, too!