Top 5 Potions to Take Your Head Game to the Next Level

Top 5 Potions to Take Your Head Game to the Next Level

Whether you consider yourself an expert in oral pleasure or just a novice, there is always room for improvement when it comes to pleasing your partner. Introducing an outside stimulant can add a heat to the bedroom that you’ve been searching for. Here are our top 5 oral stimulators for giving your partner the best head ever:

BJ Blast: 3.99

Have you ever wondered what popping candy might feel like down there? Wonder no more with a pack of Strawberry or Cherry BJ Blast Candies! Open the packet and pour the powder into your mouth before giving your partner pleasure. Fireworks. Literally. This popping pleasure is only safe for external use, so no vaginal or anal use please. 

Nip Nibs: $14.99

Who said oral pleasure had only one place? Nipples matter, too! Grab this amazing CG Watermelon Cooling Arousal Gel when you want a little extra sensation during foreplay. 

Good Head Deep Throat Spray: $13.99

Always wanted to deep throat but that pesky gag reflex gets you every time? Stop squeezing your thumb and try Doc Johnson’s tried and true Good Head throat numbing spray. The spray uses a light local anesthetic and soothing agent to stop the gag reflex in it’s tracks for 10-15 minutes at a time. You’re welcome to use this bad boy up to 4x per day! Available in 3 different flavors at Suzies locations: Strawberry, Cherry, and Cinnamon. 

JO Strawberry Kiss Flavored Lubricant: $8.99

Nothing better than tasting no difference between giving head and licking a lollipop, are we right?! Packed with great strawberry flavor and silicone toy friendly, this water based lube is a big bonus for anyone’s oral pleasure partner. 

Max Head Sugar Daddy Oral Gel: $13.99

If you are that type of girl (or guy, or person), get yourself a sugar daddy for your sugar daddy. This oral pleasure gel has it all: sweet flavoring, sensitivity heightening agents, and is condom friendly (AKA water based). Note this one is only for the daddies, no vaginal use, we don’t want anybody’s PH out of wack. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about these mind blowing oral enhancers, other oral related stimulants, or just about anything else, visit your local Suzies or give them a call!