5 Tips for the Smoothest Bikini Shave Ever

5 Tips for the Smoothest Bikini Shave Ever

Let’s start this off by saying do not let anyone shame you into shaving your pubic hair if you don’t want to. Your body, your choice. All pubes or absence of pubes matter. Thank you for coming to our TED Talk. Now, if you’re still reading this and still want to feel silky and hairless like a Sphinx kitten, use these 5 steps to get a soft, hairless kitty. 

  1. Wade it out

Your hair follicles harden when they are not wet, making them harder to shave off. Instead of shaving right away when you get in the shower, or better yet bath, let your hair dampen and your skin warm up in the water. This will lower your risk of getting irritated follicles or skin. 

2. Lather Up

Your pussy PH balance is no joke. It is triggered by many ingredients typically found in garden variety soaps and shower gels. A PH imbalance can lead to yeast infections, UTI’s, and just weird smells in general, so get a moisturizing shaving cream that was made for the bikini area to avoid a PH crisis when shaving. We highly suggest Coochy Oh So Smooth Shaving Cream ($9.99 at Suzies) in any scent (or no scent). Pro tip: Coochy isn’t just for coochies, it’s excellent on legs, armpits, arms, and other genitalia. It’s also a hair conditioner, so those who like to leave a landing strip: scrub this into your hair and leave for 1-2 minutes, then rinse. 

3. Use a New Razor

Our legs are tough, we can put them through a little more abuse when it comes to razors. Our kitties don’t mess around, however. Always use a clean, new razor for the best shave. We highly suggest one made especially for the coochie, like Noxema Bikini Shave & Trim Disposable Razors (only $21 for 6). 

4. Walk (I mean, Shave) This Way

Always shave in the direction of your hair growth. If you are using a new, sharp razor, why not let that do all the work for you? Shaving against hair growth is a likely culprit of more ingrown hairs and razor bumps, plus it makes you apply more pressure on your skin and follicles. If you need a super, extra close shave for a hot date, you can go against the hair after making a run with it. 

5. After Shave is your New Bestie

That’s right: you have to remember another step. We’re sorry, we don’t make the silky smooth rules. We promise you’ll have the shiniest, smoothest kitty ever after this step. Pat your kitty dry and spray a small amount of after shave oil atop your skin. We suggest pairing your Coochy Shave Cream with Coochy After Shave Oil ($12.99 at Suzies).